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We never have a chance to see a painting until it is hanging on the wall of a gallery when, with a glass of red wine in one hand and a piece of brie in the other, we stop just long enough to wonder if we could possibly pass up the latest IPad to buy it.  ◊◊◊  If you aspire to be an artist or have done a few paintings yourself, then how it’s done is a huge issue.  ◊◊◊  I don’t mean to suggest that I do them all exactly the same way but they all do start in my head and work their way out through my hands and pencils and brushes onto a canvas. Some have not yet made it to the canvas. I start a lot more than I finish. I often start with a photograph. During the process, I do many sketches in pen or pencil, I scan them into my Photoshop program and play with the color, I may paint the canvas Cadmium Red Light or Burnt Sienna before I start. Now the painting on canvas is ready to begin. Accomplished fine art painter.

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